Il vino per passione


Our wines are not necessarily the best, nor necessarily a unique and excellent selection.

They are the simple expression of our passion. We love them and all people who drink them love them too.

We are and we’ll always be like that…

Wine for Passion or Passion for Wine…

You will decide!


Everything started from the cosy Italian wine bar “La Piola”, located in a small and narrow street in the heart of Ixelles.

DeWine streams from the original concept of two young sommeliers, totally in love of wine. The idea is to create a reference point for small producers and consumers whose real mission is to build a trustworthy and friendly relationship.

Nicola—who imported the Italian Aperitif in Bruxelles and who is ambassador of the “Spritz” and founding partner of the well know winery and bookshop “Piola Libri”— enhances this new project DeWine, selecting and proposing Italian wines together with his friend Enrico.

The respect of the traditional style and philosophy is well assured.


Famous brands, small scale producers and friends and are all sharing the same enthusiasm and passion: wines.

We walk together an evolving path of discovering the excellence of Italian wines. We are open to the new trends such as bio and natural wines. At the same time we attentively respect conventional and traditional processes, with a special emphasis on the quality of wines.

From the Alps, the Piedmont region and down to the green valleys of the Venetian region, until Tuscany and Umbria…

However, the journey to excellence is still long… so, let’s travel together.


Discover our best selection of 2, 3, and 6 bottles boxes and our specials formats. Feel free to compose your personal iconic box from our wine list .