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We choose the best of Italy.

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The Ambassadors of the Morellino DOCG

Paying close attention to innovations, Fattoria Mantellassi adopts voluntary standards for monitoring carbon dioxide emissions.

The wine is produced minimizing the use of non-recyclable products in the supply chain.

By means of the GreenCare system – which allows the control of water and energy consumption – the company knows and improves the level of environmental impact of each bottle of wine produced.

Isola Augusta

Isola Augusta situated in the heart of Friuli Latisana’s DOC has always paid special attention to the environment. 

Everything starts from the managing of the vineyard. The systemic chemical treatments have been almost entirely replaced by more environmentally friendly products which have been deemed to have less impact on the environment and grapes themselves. Not only they gather perfectly healthy grapes, but they are also able to use very few sulphates to preserve the wine.

In the early 2000s, the company achieved energy self-sufficiency installing 3 photovoltaic systems. All of this came with zero emissions.

Cascina Fontana

This is what we can directly master from the words of the producer:

I learned winemaking from my grandfather Saverio and I still do many things come una volta – as in the past, as my grandfather himself would have done. I pride myself above all on making genuine wines that are natural, true expressions of nostro territorio – our land and our culture”.

Tenuta J. Hofstätter

With Cutting-Edge Wine Experience

The J. Hofstätter wine estate embodies all the best attributes of the South Tyrol (Südtirol-Alto Adige) wine region.

Tenuta J. Hofstätter is located in Tramin-Termeno right on the bustling village square, alongside the city hall, a bar, and the church.

There, one hundred years ago, Josef Hofstätter began making wines.

Villa Giada

Villa Giada comes from over two centuries of commitment in vineyard management.

The village of Agliano Terme – where the producers have their vineyards – was identified as the most suitable areas for the production of Barbera. It was also recognized as the best territory.

The best crus come right from this area, which makes Barbera one of the most important wines on the Italian wine scenario.


Filodivino comes from Marche. Its winery is located in San Marcello, Ancona’s province, right in the heart of this beautiful Italian region. This is a place and a company where tradition and innovation meet to unveil something tastefully balanced.

On one hand, at Filodivino, the knowledge of wine-making comes directly from centuries of wine-making history led by the Marche people. On the other hand, the new discoveries in science allowed them to introduce means to produce a clean, meticulous, healthy and exciting wine, always by respecting nature.

Organic wines !

Monte Bernardi

Vineyards Formed Bio-dynamically & Organically since 2004

Monte Bernardi is situated in Panzano, Chianti, a small village in the heart of the Chianti Classico, Tuscany’s original winemaking region.

For these producers making wines means producing them with the greatest expression of the local territory, ultimate quality, and a harmony between their land and the environment.

Vigneti Repetto

Where wine meets the horizon

In Sarezzano, in the Tortona hills, on the Unesco Belvedere Tortona slope Sarezzano in the east of Piedmont, a new wine project is born. It aims to combine technology and eco-sustainability.

Vigneti Repetto is a member of “FIVI”: the association has the scope safeguarding the figure of the winemaker in relation to the institutions by promoting the quality and authenticity of Italian wines. The winegrower cultivates  and bottles his own vines, following the whole process.

Corte Bravi

In 2011 Corte Bravi was born from an idea of ours, mine and my brother’s: Andrea and Ivano Brunelli. We are linked by the passion of making wine, starting from the vineyard, where we put our utmost care and dedication. We are committed with the same stubbornness and the same sense of responsibility in cultivating the field, in taking care of the grapes, to obtain natural, authentic and sincere wines, which reflect the virtues and qualities of the area in which we grew up.

We consider ourselves careful guardians of the beauty and nature that surrounds us, so in 2015 we embarked on the path of organic certification.

Grapes and nothing else !! 

Nizza Silvano

Quality is a Choice

Combining Tradition and Innovation, they produce superior quality wines through careful treatments of the grapes.

The family’s father Sandro and the family’s uncle Alfredo started in the heart of the Roero a tradition of over fifty years.

The fact that it is run by a single family and is therefore a small enterprise is an important particularity of Nizza Silvano’s wine-making process.

Tenimenti D’Alessandro

Two fine Tuscan wines were born from Cortona’s territory: Syrah and Viognier.

These wines proudly express the complex and the pronounced qualities that make them unique. This happens thanks to the natural synergy with the soils of the Val di Chiana.

In fact, it welcomes expanses of clay, with the presence of silt and little sand; nourished by the sun throughout the year and minimal rainfall in spring and summer. Characteristics that makes the Cortona’s terroir a small Côtes du Rhône in the South-East of Tuscany.

Here is where the Syrah has always felt at home.

La Lecciaia

Despite being a young vineyard, la Lecciaia produces wines in full respect of the ancient traditions of Brunello di Montalcino.

La Lecciaia is located in the Vallafrico region at the borders of the oldest and most prestigious farms of Montalcino.

The particular position, the structure of the land and the goodness of the microclimate allowed the birth of the prestigious Brunello wine

Il Chiosso 

“Chiosso” historically in Alto Piemonte represents a vineyard bordered by a stone wall: this boundary wall symbolizes the importance attributed by winemakers to a certain cru for its propensity to create unique wines.

This same concept applies with the willing to create a viticulture reality that excels in the quality of all the denominations vinified in the new winery in Gattinara. 

It is personally conducted by Marco and Carlo and boasts the opportunity to obtain grapes from the most important historical crus of the Alto Piemonte hills in prestigious wine appellations such as Gattinara, Ghemme and Fara.

They have been cultivating vineyards on the Roero hills since 1670.

They work to fully interpret the potential of this side of Piedmont, dedicating to their wines prestigious native grape varieties and enhancing the identity of each one.

Poderi Marini

They adopted the productive method of biological farming both in the vineyard and in the winery.

These choices testify the constant guidance of Marini towards advanced technologies and of quality products, in the deep respect for the tradition and the environment.

The assortment of variety vines includes the native Aglianico and Magliocco and the international Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, for reds, and Chardonnay and Sauvignon for whites.


Burlotto Cascina Massara

A Story in the Name of Barolo

The dream of the Burlotto’s family has always been to take the “Barolo” all around the world. They keeps on believing in this precious fruit of the Langa, which comes from the Crü Massara, located in the Commune of Verduno, one of the best crü in the Barolo district.


Còlpetrone is one of the most important wineries in Montefalco DOCG area.

Sagrantino grape – native variety of Montefalco – is one of Italy’s oldest grape. It is the most rich in tannins and polyphenols.

As a result of that, a very careful cultivation process is required in order to enhance the power and the uniqueness of this wine, and in meantime to ensure the right balance and elegance.

La Poderina

La Poderina is located in Montalcino area.

The place is called Castelnuovo dell’Abbate and it is well known for the elegance and balance of its grapes.

Based on wine maker philosophy – believing in innovation in accordance with traditional agriculture – La Poderina wines reach gradually in French oak barrels as well as in large barrels.

Fattoria del Cerro

Fattoria del Cerro, with its 94 hectares of Vino Nobile di Montepulciano vineyards, is the largest private estate producing Vino Nobile in Tuscany.

The vastness and the different exposition of the vineyards allow selecting the best grapes to make high quality wines. 

Their wines are structured, fragrant, but with fine tannins.